Is Tuxdi A Fit For You?

We have the capabilities to build everything from custom simple marketing sites to robust integrated ecommerce platforms, and every custom feature in between. To scope every project, we start by understanding the goals, recommending features, and estimating the effort to build that feature set.

Here is some information that may help you understand if Tuxdi is a fit for your project. If you meet these criteria, it’s likely that we can help.


I’m looking for a complete website project: design and development.

If you are just looking for programming, Tuxdi probably isn’t a fit. Our specialty is the full life-cycle project. That means planning, designing and building a new site from scratch. It’s the best way we know to get the best possible results.


My budget is aligned with my expectations.

There are many companies that are capable of building websites quickly for budgets in the $1000 range (or less). But our approach is more custom to you and your customers.

The outcome is a website platform for web marketing, designed specifically for clients who have higher expectations for results. Given that our process is robust and critical to the success of our projects, the custom responsive marketing sites have budgets starting around $3,000 and ranging up to five figures.

Alternatively, if it fits your requirements and expectations, we also offer a less custom option – designing and configuring a WordPress themed website that start in the $2,000 range.


I’m looking for a long-term partner.

Tuxdi is staffed and structured to provide ongoing technical support, marketing advice, and Analytics reviews. While some web companies might launch a site and then part ways, Tuxdi prefers to remain available to ensure that long-term expectations are met.

Build your dream website today.

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Are we compatible?

We believe it's important our compatibility is focused on similar core beliefs.


Do you offer quality products and/or services?


Are you goal oriented? Do you feel great when you accomplish goals?


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Why are you here?

You are here because you want answers. You want to invest money into your business, and you want a great return. Perhaps your old marketing methods are not working as they used to or maybe you are trying to get off the ground. You know digital is the answer, but you don't know exactly how to leverage digital. Have no worries; we are here to help.

People we love to work with

Motivated, positive, and hard working people share the same thing; they all operate from purpose, and we love it!


No one is more responsible than you for performance.

Marketing Executive

A lot has changed in a short time. We can help you get up to speed.


Growth is not only your responsibility; it is your passion. We can help simplify digital.

Small business owner

Digital is not just for big companies, anymore. Learn what works best for you.

Marketing Manager

Customers and stakeholders are counting on you to perform. Focus on purpose; we can help.

10 Ways we may help you

Motivated, positive, and hard working people share the same thing; they all operate from purpose, and we love it!



Knowledge is power because it allows you to make more informed decisions to create positive outcomes. Sharing our knowledge is at the center of what we do.

Identify opportunity

What is good for one may not be good for another. We can help identify digital opportunities.

Supplement staff

Tuxdi Digital Agency is able to deliver performance while reducing your staffing costs for design, development and marketing.

Independent perspective

We can offer an independent perspective of your digital efforts and performance.

Digital leadership

We can add value by leading your team into the digital age. Digital is not an overnight change; it's about progression and adaptation.

Strategy & planning

We can help with strategy and planning that any team who has the required skills can execute.

Education / Training

We can help you advance your digital efforts by educating your team through proper training processes.

Assessments, audits & analysis

It's no secret what your competitors are doing or how the best are winning. Gathering data and analyzing it with expertise is critical for forecasting. Get the facts first!

Understand customers

Understanding your customers starts with Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas will explain for whom you are creating a product, and delivering a service, along with all marketing efforts. We can help you understand your customers better.

Our network

Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of professionals so that we always have a competitive advantage.
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    Once you contacted us, we will reach out to you and find a good time and place to discuss your challenge and goals in details.

    We provide you with a detailed project estimation (services required, price, duration, team composition).

    We are ready to start working with you once we agree on the proposal and sign the contract.