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About Us…

Since 2013 we have been designing interfaces, websites and mobile apps for small and medium-sized companies all over the world, mainly US startups. We mainly focus on the creation of usable and accessible digital experiences. Our user-centered creation process guarantees that our products do work, such products are highly valued by the final users.


Our main purpose is to ensure that end users of the products and systems we design have a better experience by gathering the correct information to support our design decisions.


Our team of specialists always keeps the focus on the user experience to maximize the results of your project. With the correct UX design you will save development time, maximize conversions and retain your customers.


Learning, projection, commitment, self-development, and innovation.

They make your ideas come TRUE!

Get to know our team…

Fabricio Defelippe

CEO | Founder

I am a software developer, ux consultant and an experienced university professor. I have been working in the software industry for almost 10 years, going through roles as full stack developer, UI developer, tech leader and project manager. Currently, I am the director of Tuxdi. I like photography, art in general and in football I am a fierce 5.

Lautaro Defelippe


I am a Systems Engineer and I am passionate about technology. I am always learning new things to bring innovation to the projects I lead. My job is not just limited to coding, I am also the office DJ.
In my free time, I like riding my bike through the hills of Tandil and playing football with friends.

Diego Fernández


I am a web designer and I have been creating digital experiences for several years. My beginnings were as a graphic designer, but I found my place as a designer in the UX world. I am passionate about designing, whatever ...
''All-round'' designer , obsessive of order, thoughtful and talkative. I like movies, fishing and football. I am a Racing Club fan ... I couldn't live without music.

Pablo Santa Maria

Frontend Developer

I am a software developer, universitarian and self-taught. I transform the team's ideas into code. Cinephile and always on the side of science. I think I have found work-life balance... but I lose it every day.

Paula Sandoval


I am part of Tuxdi team working in the administration department. My work consists of the preparation, analysis and projection of accounting statements, costs and taxes of the company.
My objective is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the organization, offering solutions adapted to the clients’ needs and promoting organized team work.

Leandro Arista

Frontend Developer

I am part of Tuxdi development team. My job is to give life to the designs, add functionality, movement, and a purpose. I love that we are always exploring new technologies, which gives us the ability to acquire new tools to solve problems in the fastest and most efficient way. I have been coding for several years since technical school where I discovered my passion for writing code and that led me to study a degree in systems engineering. I like reading novels and eating French fries. I torture my fellow dieters by carrying addictive cookies to the office very often.

Santiago Tapia

Business Developer

I am part of the Tuxdi team working in the commercial department. My job is to identify the best solution to meet the needs of our customers.

Franco Carabajal

Frontend Developer

My name is half my personality. I enjoy learning new things and I love web development for being extremely
varied and endless. I swim in documentation every day, edit configs even on a watch, and find anything on the internet.
I am a polymath: I love software, electronics, gastronomy, video games, philosophy, books, and ... I use arch (btw).

Serena Azcárate


I am part of the Tuxdi team and I work in the area of HR talent management. I ensure that those of us who are part of the company feel comfortable, happy and efficient in our work. I am also in charge of incorporating new talents to Tuxdi. I love art, design and technology, so I really enjoy encouraging the staff in their daily tasks and creative process!

Diego Robles

Graphic designer

I am a Graphic Designer and I really like to draw, on paper or digitally.
I also like to watch movies and everything that is audiovisual. I watch some football and sometimes even play it (pretty bad), and from time to time I play the guitar (also very bad).
In general I am shy and a bit anti social. It's going to be difficult for you to find me at a party, but you can certainly walk around, looking carefully at the facades of the buildings, although I don't understand architecture at all.

Agustin Ley

Project Manager

I’m part of the Tuxdi team and my main responsibilities are the planning and management of projects. Even though I come from a Social Science college background, I’ve been deeply interested in the world of technology for a few years now, with all its challenges and opportunities. My goal is to achieve results that please and encourage both the clients and the team. In my free time you will find me playing the drums, playing basketball or cooking for my friends, sometimes all at once.

Carla Marconi

Graphic designer

I'm passionate about: design, communication through exploration of oneself and the external world, the unexpected and multidisciplinary learning. I'm in love with colors, characters, worlds of fantasy, the etymology of words, old architecture and nature.
I see myself as a highly Neotenial person (It's the persistence of juvenile characteristics on adults) I'm really excited for being in Tuxdi. To infinity and beyond!

Héctor Verduz

Frontend Developer

I am very curious and I am interested in learning a lot in life: about design, technology, cinema, music, art, sports and whatever comes… By profession I am a graphic designer and frontend developer, I love working on aesthetics and together on the functional part of a graphical interface. I enjoy generating products that help and facilitate the experience for people. In my free time I like to paint with watercolors, play ball, play ukulele, travel, be with my children (I have 2), with friends and climb trees from time to time.

Federico Iribarren

Unity Developer

I am a video game developer and almost a systems engineer. At the age of 17 I started programming games with no idea that it was going to be my dream job. I do what I do because I like to see people having fun with my creations. I love photography, being in nature and writing what I think. I'm pretty broken-faced and comfortable speaking in public (I live in a mental TedX talk). I recommend you not to talk me out because I probably can't stop talking.

Joaquin Iglesias Coqueti

Frontend Developer

I love technology and have been passionate about programming since I was young, so I really enjoy my job. I am part of the Angular development team and I am constantly learning new tools. When I'm not coding, I enjoy playing the violin and being in nature.

Milagros Garcia Yalungo

Graphic Designer

I am part of the Tuxdi design team. I discovered design in high school and since then it has been a part of my life. I love learning, I am addicted to courses. I studied Visual Arts and I like everything that has to do with creativity.
I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and going out for a drink. A perfect day for me is drinking mates in nature, with my family or friends.

Alejandro Senestrari

Frontend Developer

I am part of the Tuxdi development team. All my life I loved technology and software development, that’s why I enjoy my job so much. I try to learn all the time, and look for new and better ways to solve problems. I am currently finishing my Engineering degree. I am very passionate about soccer (a Boca fan), guitar, mate and when there is time to spare, I play some video games.

Nicolás Felipe Dipierro

Unity Developer

I am part of the Unity development team at Tuxdi. I was fortunate to have grown up in a family interested in technology and that is why I have been passionate about it since I was a child. Along with video games, that formed my interest in the game development area and that is why today I am not far from graduating as a Systems Engineer.
My favorite movies are the Matrix trilogy and Interstellar, what a surprise right? I love basketball, the NBA and I am very good at making three pointers.

Matías Pérez Viecho

Frontend Developer

I am a member of the programming team in Tuxdi. I'm always growing, learning and paying special attention to detail, wich leads me to commit myself until the end. Im passionate about everything that I being, but mostly enjoy researching, reading, photography and movement (for example motorcycles and almost any sport). Everything I do, I do it with background music.

Tomas Ferreras

Frontend Developer

I like turning designs into functional apps and pixel-perfect websites. I am an enthusiastic about anything related to programming, so I frecuently like taking part in both the frontend and the backend. I enjoy doing my job and solving software challenges to help with different issues through technology. I'm an esaseful person who enjoy drinks and playing soccer.

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